Janet Forman
Journalist, Photographer, Film Producer

Winner of two gold and one silver Lowell Thomas Gold Medals, the 2014 Bill Muster Gold Medal Best Cultural Photo, 2011 Bill Muster Gold Medal Best Photo Portfolio, named Premier Traveler magazine Most Compelling Woman in Travel 2015, and Pacific Asia Travel Association Journalist of the Year 2000.

​Writing about travel ever since she hitchhiked across Europe as a college student, Janet Forman has circled the globe many times covering odd cultural corners from Vietnam, Burma and Borneo, to Eastern Europe, South Africa and Arabia.

Food and beverage, as well as architecture and design are her specialties for publications that include National Geographic Traveler, Premier Traveler (Features Editor),  Wine Enthusiast, Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia and The Globe and Mail.

​Selected Awards

  • NATJA 2016 Gold Award Travel Series - Print Publication Boeing Trailblazers
  • NATJA 2016 Gold Award Historical Travel - Print Publication Boeing Trailblazers
  • GOLD MEDAL, Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award, 1997, BEST CULTURAL TOURISM ARTICLE, Cartoon Fever in Belgium, Diversion magazine
  • GOLD MEDAL, Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award 1996 for the film, Postcard From Vietnam.
  • ​GOLD MEDAL 2011 Bill Muster Photo Competition Single Subject Portfolio Abu Dhabi and Oman
  • P.A.T.A JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR 2000 for her body of work on Asia.
  • GOLD MEDAL 2014 Bill Muster Photo Competition, Best Cultural Photo, Naples.
  • NATJA 2015 Silver Award Byline Travel Column

SATW Eastern Chapter 2016 Writing Contest

  • First Place History Category The Women of Boeing, Premier Traveler magazine
  • First Place More Than One Destination Hands On Vacation, Premier Traveler magazine
  • Second Place Misc. Category Hands On Vacation, Premier Traveler magazine

SATW Eastern Chapter 2015 Writing and Photo Contest

  • First Place Romance Category Editor's Letter, Premier Traveler magazine

SATW Eastern Chapter 2014 Writing and Photo Contest

  • First Place,Best Magazine Article on Foreign Travel: The World's A Stage, Premier Traveler magazine
  • First Place, Best In-Depth Coverage on Travel Related Theme: Series on Women in Travel, Premier Traveler magazine​
  • Second Place, The Business of Travel, Meet in the Cloud Forest, Premier Traveler magazine
  • Second Place, Photography, Action: Shark Tank, Dubai
  • 2013 SATW Eastern Chapter Writing Award: Best magazine article U.S. Travel “Buddy Up” Premier Traveler
  • 2013 SATW Eastern Chapter Writing Award: Best magazine article Foreign Travel “The Hidden Corners of Qatar” Premier Traveler
  • SILVER MEDAL, Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award 2008,
  • Best Newspaper story on US/Canada Travel, “Oh, Men and Their Spas” Globe and Mail.
  • SOLAS AWARD 2010 Honorable Mention “Global Giving” Business Traveler, “This Old House” Globe and Mail
  • SOLAS AWARD 2009 BRONZE Travel & Food “Asia’s Back Street Food”
  • SOLAS AWARD 2007 SILVER Travel & Shopping “Harlem Couture”
  • SOLAS AWARD 2007 BRONZE Sports “The Cresta Run”SOLAS AWARDS 2007 HONORABLE MENTIONS “Myanmar Days” and “Hanoi Cooking: Didier Corlou’s Gallic Wand.”
  • LOWELL THOMAS AWARD, 2002, CULTURAL TOURISM Honorable Mention for Harlem, The Oregonian.
  • BEST NEWSPAPER STORY OF THE YEAR 2002, Belgian Tourist Office, Behind Abbey Walls, The Sunday Record.
  • GRAND PRIZE, North American Travel Journalists Association Competition 1998, Raise a Glass to Belgium’s Breweries, Blue Wings - Finnair in-flight.
  • SOLAS AWARDS 2008 “Catskills Cooking” “Los Feliz and Silver Lake” Honorable Mention
  • 11 FIRST PRIZES in the North American Travel Journalists Association Competition, 1995 - 99 for: Positively Penang, Going Places - Malaysia Airlines in-flight; Palau: Familiar Exotic, The World and I; Williamsburg, Brooklyn Under the Radar, The Sunday Record; Global Hooky: Hong Kong, New York; Los Angeles, Report on Business Magazine; New York’s Bohemian Trail, The Globe and Mail; Let Them See You Sweat, Report on Business Magazine; The Stockholm Archipelago, Copley ×News Service; Next Stop: Squaresville, The Globe and Mail; Where Philosphy’s an Honored Guest, The Globe and Mail; Cartoon Fever in Belgium, Diversion; and the film, POST CARD From Vietnam.
  • HONORABLE MENTION, National Magazine Award (Canada), 1999, A Spy Checks In, Report on Business Magazine.
  • SECOND PRIZE international journalism competition sponsored by South African Tourist Board and South African Airlines for SOUTH AFRICA, 1995.
  • GOLD MEDAL, Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award, 1996, for the film POST CARD From Vietnam
  • Bill Muster Photo Award 2005 Natural Scenics, Halong Bay, Vietnam
  • LOWELL THOMAS AWARD, 2004, CULTURAL TOURISM Honorable Mention for “Juke Joint Jumpin’” Discovery Magazine (co-author Stephen Beaumont.)


Magazine and newspaper outlets include: National Geographic Traveler
, Premier Traveler Features Editor, Travel + Leisure worldwide editions, Beyond (AmEx Platinum Asia) , Wine Enthusiast and The Globe and Mail. In the past she has written for Saveur, Blue Wings - Finnair In-flight, Discovery Magazine - Cathay Pacific In-flight, The Club - Cathay Pacific Marco Polo, Dynasty Magazine - China Airlines in-flight magazine, Going Places - Malaysian Airlines In-flight Magazine, The ExpatSingapore, Natural Health, Restaurant Business, The Oregonian, St. Petersburg Times and German Life.

2012 Film “Hearst Castle Preservation Trust” Writer. Director:
James Signorelli

​Janet Forman has more than twenty years experience as a writer/producer for TV commercials and films, specializing in international production. She has been Executive Producer for Dragonslayer Films,
USA, a worldwide TV commercial production company, written a film in Kenya on elephant poaching for Robert Halmi's Earth Journal TV series, produced the New York segment of the millennium project for Imagica, Tokyo, Japan and produced TV commercials such as Sumatra Rain, a men's fragrance, for Grey Advertising, Europe and the "Fete de France" and "Ecco l'Italia" fashion campaigns shot in France and Italy for Bloomingdales (Grey Advertising). She also served as a producer on Search For Solutions, a series filmed worldwide for Phillips Petroleum.

​Other projects include the Lowell Thomas Gold Medal-winning Postcard From Vietnam, and an image film for hairdresser Frederic Fekkai.

​Ms. Forman is the Producer/Director of the internationally distributed feature-length documentary The Beat Generation-An American Dream, seen in art houses and on television worldwide, and selected for screening at international festivals including the Berlin Film Festival, the A.F.I. film festival in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., the Sao Paulo Film Festival in
Brazil, the Ghent Film Festival in Belgium, the Valladolid Festival in Spain, the Venice Film Festival and was part of the Beat Generation retrospective at New York’s Whitney Museum

​Ms Forman was also a writer-trainee in the script department of Star Trek, at
Paramount Pictures.


Master of Fine Arts in Film from New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Cell 917 495 2711

Janet Forman

Journalist / Photographer / Producer